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For those of you that suffer from excessive anxiety, it can feel all-consuming, that you are unable to focus on anything else and feel a loss of control in your life. The physical symptoms that you may experience, such as shaking, sweating, palpitations and a churning stomach combined with the actual feeling of anxiety can be really stressful. Anxiety can affect anybody at anytime, however a skilled counsellor can help you find ways to manage this more effectively.

Bereavement and loss

Losing a loved one can be devastating, and we can experience feelings and emotions like never before. It can make us feel lonely, helpless and sad and we cannot see an end to these emotions. We can also be afraid of talking about how we feel, for fear of not wanting to upset others and/or getting more upset ourselves. Keeping these feelings inside is not helpful and can mean we can carry the grief around with us for years. Although we will never get over the loss of someone close to us, but talking about our feelings in a safe environment can help work towards acceptance.


Fighting depression can feel like wading through treacle, it can be so hard to find the energy and motivation to do anything about it, but not fighting depression means that it can feed on itself, resulting in a feeling of despair. Depression can often start as a result of a major life change such as bereavement, retirement, illness or trauma, but the good news is that depression can pass. Accepting you have depression is a step in the right direction and one-to-one counselling can help you understand the reasons for your depression and provide useful techniques to apply to help you overcome your negative thinking.

Self Esteem and Confidence Building

Often the thought of dealing with low self-esteem can seem overwhelming. After all it is something that will have developed over time and feeling so low can in itself mean that you lack the energy or motivation to do anything about it. However just taking the first step of seeking help is a positive step in the right direction and remember you are then no longer alone as you will be working with someone to help you overcome these negative feelings. If you feel that you have low self-esteem and confidence, one-to-one counselling sessions can help you overcome your negative feelings about yourself.


If you are suffering from stress, you are definitely not alone. It is so hard for many of us in today’s modern world to take stock and to take care of ourselves. We often are too busy working and looking after others and then we become stressed because we have run out of steam. One of the important factors of helping to cope with stress is by learning to manage our time. It is not the answer to everything but it is important that we manage our lives so that we find time for ourselves (such as exercise, relaxation and a social life), this in turn will make us feel happier and more in control. Talking to someone may help you to take stock and look at ways of reducing your stress and having a more fulfilling life.

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