About Me

Counselling is very much about the client, however one of the most important factors to enable successful counselling is for the client to be able to trust and respect the counsellor, so I thought it would be helpful to share a bit about me, my background and why I decided to become a Counsellor.

Professional background

Prior to training to become a Counsellor I worked in Human Resources. I was fortunate enough to work internationally and travelled to some wonderful countries where I met and worked with some lovely people from different walks of life and cultures.  However, I noticed over time I become frustrated with the corporate world and the pressure of meeting seemingly unachievable targets.   I noticed that I lost interest in the business side of things and become drawn to wanting to help people at a deeper level.  So after careful consideration I decided to retrain to become a Counsellor.  I also went through counselling some years ago and felt so much better afterwards.  I left my job in HR and worked part-time at my local hospice whilst studying for my Diploma, where I met some wonderful people who are truly dedicated to their jobs. They really did reinforce to me how much I wanted to help people. Now that I am qualified, I have my own private practice and help people from all walks of life to overcome a broad range of personal and emotional issues.

Training, qualifications & experience

Training, qualifications and experience are of course essential in order to become a good counsellor and I have listed these below.

However what I believe should underpin these is a counsellor's ability to get on with people, someone able to quickly obtain a rapport with people and gain their respect and trust.  These are qualities which are important to me and what I looked for alongside the skills and experience when I sought counselling many years ago.

  • I hold an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Ad.Dip.PsyC).
  • I am a Professional member of the National Counselling Society and work within their Code of Ethics
  • I am also in continuous professional development and regularly training courses/workshops
  • I seek to add to my 'counselling toolbox’ all the time.
  • I also have supervision.
  • I hold full professional liability insurance.

Find out more

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